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A little about Holly's Funerals

We are award winning, contemporary funeral directors with a modern, holistic approach to funerals. To find out more about us click here


We care for all our guests with love and affection, as if they were part of our own family, and support clients to be involved in the care of their loved ones if they wish. To find out more about how we care for our guests click here

We help families create truly beautiful and memorable funerals at lovely venues throughout Kent and East Sussex. To find out more about beautiful funerals click here

We are always happy to talk to people about the way we work and the options that are available to them, so please feel free to drop in or call us. To find out where we are and how to get in touch click here


Unfortunately, the funeral world has been turned upside down due to the current health emergency and this makes it extremely difficult for families trying to arrange a loving and meaningful farewell for their loved ones. We feel your pain and will try to help in any way we can.


Following recent changes in legislation and guidance, here is a brief update as at this present moment. However, guidance and regulation regarding funerals is changing daily and so it's always best to check on the latest rulings.

* Anyone involved in "Management of the deceased" is defined as a Key Worker and so able to continue working and arranging funerals. However, where possible we are conducting most business via email and telephone.

* The funeral industry continues to operate as normal as possible but with a reduced level of choice and service.

* For the time being, funeral services are allowed to continue BUT ONLY for immediate family. Although there is no specified or defined number of mourners allowed, these should be kept as low as possible (ideally fewer than 10 people) and mourners should still follow the social distancing guidelines.

* Many chapels, churches and private venues that (in the past) would have allowed funeral services are now closed and not available for services.

* Burials are still possible but only with a grave-side service. However, with more opportunity for Social Distancing, burial is a very viable option for a "near to normal" funeral.

* Where cremation is the preferred option, many families are choosing to have a Direct Cremation (a cremation without a service) with a view to holding a ceremony later in the year when the situation becomes clearer.

* Many crematoriums may well have there own individual rules - so these should be investigated locally.

* Most, if not all, crematoriums are now accepting (or insisting on) documents via email and this includes the "Green Form" from the registrar and Doctors Certificates which will be sent directly via email to the nominated facility.

* New rules regarding the Registration of Deaths mean that it is no longer possible to do this face-to-face and Registration is being undertaken by telephone. Please contact your local authority to find out more. This will be the County or District Council where the person died.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call or email me.

Stay safe, stay well.

Very best wishes

Andy Clarke
07717 596 925

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Bereavement support

We have collaborated with Katrina Taee, a bereavement specialist and an End of Life Doula to create a series of short videos to help everyone understand the journey of grief.

This course is completely free and we hope you gain some comfort from it.

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