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Creating beautiful funerals

It’s true, you really can have a beautiful funeral.

Of course, funerals are always sad and emotional
occasions but it is still possible to make them beautiful.


Many people don’t realise, but you can hold a funeral
service at any location or venue in the UK. This could

be at home, in your garden, a village hall or at a private
venue such as a country house or barn.

By separating the Service from the actual Cremation
or Burial, families can have more time, more flexibility
and a far more personal funeral that truly honours and reflects the life of the person who has died.


We’ve helped families create beautiful funerals in all these places. And it can actually work out cheaper than having the service at the crematorium or in church. By combining our Full Funeral Service with a direct cremation, it's possible to significantly lower the crematorium fees, which can be used to pay for the new venue.

The actual cremation still takes place at the crematorium and a burial takes place at the cemetery, but the service can happen anywhere, either before with the coffin present or afterwards without the coffin. It's your choice.

Many people find this a very beautiful and helpful option for the following reasons:

  • The venues are often far more attractive than crematorium chapels


  • You can have as much time as you want, not just the 30 minutes or so allowed at a                       crematorium,


  • Timings can be far more flexible than at a church or crematorium,


  • You can include additional elements into the service, such as more music and                      greater participation from guests,


  • You often get exclusive use of the venue,


  • You can often decorate and personalise the venue to suit your needs,


  • You can have both the service and refreshments at the same venue.

  • Most families who choose this type of funeral find it a far more pleasant and less stressful experience. 

  • Of course, many people do want to have the whole funeral either in church or the crematorium and we fully support this too.


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