What makes us different

Holly's Funerals was established in 2016 by Andy Clarke to offer an     alternative to traditional funeral directors. We offer a more personal and
   flexible service that puts your needs and requirements first.

   Our core values are to provide families with:

         * Exceptional advice & support

         * Choice & flexibility

         * Time & 

         * Value for money


At Holly's Funerals, we’re passionate about helping people to
reconnect with death and to create truly bespoke, loving and

beautiful funerals.

In our first year, we won a prestigious national award for exceptional customer care and we are one of the very few firms who are recommended by both the Good Funeral Guide and the
Natural Death Centre.


                                  We don’t make any assumptions about you and the kind of support that
                                    you might need. We listen to your thoughts, your wishes 
and your
                                      concerns and help you in any way that we can. 


    We don't limit our time. We will advise you of all your rights and options
allow you adequate time to reflect on the information. We will
    never rush you 
into making a quick decision. We will always give you
   time to think, time to contemplate and time 
to ask any questions you
  may have.

We only ever conduct one funeral a day so we can concentrate fully on meeting your needs. You can visit us as many times as you like, you can call us whenever you want. We want you to feel that you are fully in control.


All of our funerals are unique and beautiful. We don't have any pre-set formulas or packages and we will never sell you a standard funeral plan.


We will work with you to achieve the most fitting funeral for you and for the person who has died, whatever that may be. We embrace ceremony in all aspects of our work, we encourage and
actively support family participation and we allow time and space to enable a meaningful farewell.


We treat all our guests with the utmost care and respect. We hold ceremony
and honour their life whilst they are in our care. We gently wash and dress
them in our beautiful Serenity Room and support family and friends to
come and spend time with them and help in the preparations if they
wish to. To find out more about how we care for our guests click here.


Honesty and integrity are at the core of everything we do. We are clear
& honest with our pricing. We charge a fee for our professional services
and, unlike other funeral directors, we do not make extortionate profits on
things like coffins, flowers, headstones etc. 
Our prices are published clearly
on this website. 
Click here to compare our coffin prices.


If you want to make most of the arrangements yourself, then we can support you to achieve a home-led or DIY funeral with our Funeral Support Service.


Where possible, we support natural and environmentally friendly practices and processes and do not support routine embalming of the body.

Association of Green Funeral Directors link
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