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About Us

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Holly's Funerals was established in 2016 to offer an alternative to traditional funeral directors.

We provide a more personal, creative and flexible service that puts your needs and requirements first.

At Holly's, we’re passionate about helping people create truly bespoke and beautiful

funerals. We don’t make any assumptions about you and the kind of support that you

might need. We listen to your thoughts, your wishes and your concerns and help you

in any way that we can. 

We don't limit our time. We will advise you of all your rights and options and allow you

adequate time to reflect on the information. We will never rush you into making a quick


Honesty and integrity are at the core of everything we do. We are clear & honest with our

pricing. We charge a fee for our professional services and, unlike many other funeral directors,

we do not make additional profits on things like coffins, flowers, headstones etc.

We look after all of our guests, personally at our beautiful Family Room in Cranbrook. We never use anonymous external agencies or private mortuaries as we feel it's important to provide exceptional personal care.

We use refrigeration and do not routinely embalm bodies or use other invasive procedures unless absolutely necessary.

As part of our care, we offer Ceremonial Care of the Body, during which we gently wash their bodies and anoint them with essential oils. We welcome family members to participate in this final gesture of love and fully support people who wish to do this. 

We only ever conduct one funeral a day so we can concentrate fully on meeting your needs.

If you want to make most of the arrangements yourself, then we can support you to achieve a home-led or DIY funeral with our Funeral Support Service.


Where possible, we support natural and environmentally friendly practices and processes.

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