How we look after our guests

We care for all our guests as if they were part of our own family.

We believe that our earthly body is a carrier for our spirit and that it's essential that both body and spirit continue to benefit from love and compassion after death.


We talk with our guests, knowing their spirit is still with us, and treat their bodies with absolute care and gentleness as if they were still alive.

We look after all of our guests, personally at our beautiful Family Room in Cranbrook. We never use anonymous external agencies or private mortuaries as we feel it's important to provide exceptional personal care.

We use refrigeration to preserve their bodies and we do not routinely embalm bodies or use other invasive procedures unless absolutely necessary.

As part of our care, we offer Ceremonial Care of the Body, during which we gently wash their bodies and anoint them with essential oils. In this way, we are honouring their life on earth and allowing their spirit to fully leave their body.

We welcome family members to participate in this final gesture of love and fully support people who wish to do this. In our experience, however hard this may be, it can be beneficial to those who do participate in many ways. 

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