Direct Cremation Service

Holly’s Funerals professional fee - £1,400

The professional fee covers our overheads and time only. 

Typically, the total funeral cost could be between £2,000 and £2,500
(see sample 
invoice) depending on the options chosen.


For people who are looking for a simple cremation without a service at
the Crematorium. 
We work closely with Kent & Sussex Crematorium
Tunbridge Wells, one of the few local crematoria that provides a
true Direct Cremation service.


At Holly's, our Direct Cremation service is more comprehensive
than most other funeral directors - 
you have our full support and as
much involvement in the 
arrangements as you'd like.


We encourage family visits and we'll always tell you when and where
the Cremation will take 
place. For more information about what
happens on the day of a 
Direct Cremation, please read our guide -
click here to read.

We can even arrange a "mini-service" for close family & friends at
our Cranbrook Family Room on the day of the cremation. Please ask
for details.

We're delighted to have been awarded "Best Direct Cremation Provider"
at the Good Funeral Awards -
click here to find out why this award is so
important to us.

If however, you're looking for something a bit different, we believe a direct cremation is one of the most flexible options for families who want to arrange a more personal and bespoke funeral.


By separating the funeral ceremony from the cremation process means that you are not limited by the timescales of the crematorium and you are free to arrange a ceremony at a more fitting location and without strict time limits. See our Modern Funerals page for more information.


Included in the price:

The professional fee covers our business overheads and time only. It does not include the actual cost of cremation or other costs, such as coffins, flowers and memorials. Unlike other funeral directors, we do not make an extortionate profit on the supply of coffins and other funeral goods. Click here to compare our coffin prices.


  • Please note. All services are provided within our normal working hours (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday). Additional charges will be made for out of hours and weekend work.

  • A free, no obligation initial consultation of up to half an hour.

  • A full discovery meeting with you and your family. During the meeting we will explain all of the steps required and the options available to you. We will talk you through the entire process and agree the service you require, your level of involvement and your desired funeral arrangements.

  • Full support for you in arranging the cremation, including additional meetings and phone calls if required.

  • Collection of your loved one during office hours. 

  • Looking after your loved one and preparing them for the funeral according to your wishes. Gently washing, anointing with essential oils & dressing your loved one in clothes (if provided) or gently wrapping them in a soft cotton shroud. To find out more about how we care for our guests click here.

  • The use of our family room so that you can come and spend time with your loved one​


  • Arranging & booking the cremation and help with completing and administering the necessary paperwork.


  • Transporting your loved one to the crematorium in our simple vehicle, either a grey Ford Mondeo Estate Hearse or Landrover Defender Hearse. Alternatively, we can organise a different vehicle of your choice - please note this is not included in the price and will be charged separately.

  • Collection and delivery to you of the ashes.​


What's not included:


  • The cost of the actual cremation and other 3rd party disbursements.

  • The cost of a coffin, flowers, memorials, order of service or other goods to be purchased. Prices for these can vary greatly and we will work with you and your budget to get both the best price and most suitable product. We are one of the very few funeral directors who do not make extortionate profit on 3rd party disbursements and funeral goods.

  • Whilst we are more than happy to come and see you at home for the Full Discovery Meeting, additional journeys may incur an additional charge depending on the mileage involved. These additional journeys will be charged at £2 per mile.

  • Collection of your loved one out of hours – an additional £200


  • Although we cover all of Kent & East Sussex, we do charge additional mileage for longer journeys. Collections and deliveries outside of our normal working area (20 mile radius of Cranbrook) - £2 per mile.

  • Additional to above, collections and deliveries inside the M25 are charged at an additional £50 and inside the South / North Circular are charged at an additional £100.

  • Doctor's certificates for cremation. These are usually £164 in total.​

  • Arrangement or attendance at the funeral service (if one is to take place elsewhere). Please ask us for details.


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