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DIY Funeral Support

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Helping families arrange a DIY Funeral or Home-Led Funeral

You do not have to use a funeral director in England.


However, sometimes it can be very difficult to arrange a funeral or manage all of the proceedings on your own. We've helped many families who want to arrange a DIY Funeral.


Our Funeral Support Service has been developed especially to help families where they need a limited amount of support and help to arrange a DIY Funeral.

We've developed a simple menu of services that you can choose from to give you exactly the level of support you need. We can also create a bespoke package for you with some flexibility on pricing, so please do ask for details

There are many resources to help families arrange DIY Funerals but we recommend the following independent funeral resources.

  • The Natural Death Centre ( ) - Established 28 years ago
    in 1991, The Natural Death Centre is a social, entrepreneurial, educational
    charity that gives free, impartial advice on all aspects of dying,
    bereavement and consumer rights.

  • The Good Funeral Guide ( ) - The Good Funeral Guide
    is wholly independent of the funeral industry and is dedicated to supporting,
    empowering and representing the interests of dying and bereaved people
    living in the UK.

We strongly recommend that anyone arranging a DIY Funeral or Home-Led Funeral takes time to research their options using these invaluable, independent resources.

If you would like an initial chat over the phone to discuss your choices and options, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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