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Funeral Support Service

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DIY Funerals professional fee - From £300

For Home-Led and DIY Funerals

The Funeral Support Service is for people who want to undertake their own research &

make their own funeral decisions. It's likely that you’ll want to be highly involved in the

arrangement & management of the funeral and only require a minimal level of support.

If you require a higher level of help & support, it's likely that one of our other services will

suit you better and will probably work out cheaper.

To help you arrange a funeral yourself, you can pick the services you require from the

following menu, subject to a minimum charge of £300


  • Please note. All services are provided within our normal working hours (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday). Additional charges will be made for out of hours and weekend work.

  • An initial telephone consultation of up to 1/2 hour - FREE


  • A full discovery meeting with you and your family. During the meeting we will explain all of the steps required and the options available to you. We will talk you through the entire process and agree the service you require, your level of involvement and your desired funeral arrangements. - £200 plus mileage at £2 per mile.


  • Collection of your loved one during office hours within a 40 mile radius of Cranbrook - 2 person pickup £200, 4 person pickup £400


  • Collection of your loved one outside of office hours within a 40 mile radius of Cranbrook - 2 person pickup £300, 4 person pickup £600

  • Transporting your loved one to the chosen crematorium or burial site in our simple vehicle, either a grey Ford Mondeo Estate Hearse or Landrover Defender Hearse (within 20 miles of Cranbrook) - £250


  • Additional to above, collections and deliveries outside of our normal working area (40 mile radius of Cranbrook)- £1 per additional mile 

  • Additional to above, collections and deliveries inside the M25 are charged at an additional £50 and inside the South / North Circular are charged at an additional £100.


  • Looking after your loved one until the time of the funeral - £25 per day


  • Preparing your loved one for the funeral according to your wishes. Gently washing, anointing with essential oils & dressing your loved one in clothes (if provided) or gently wrapping in a soft cotton shroud. Preparing the coffin and transferring your loved one into their coffin - £200 (plus £50 for shroud if required)


  • The use of our family room so that you can come and spend time with your loved one and to prepare them for their funeral - £50 per hour

  • Arranging & booking the cremation or burial and help with completing and administering the necessary paperwork - £50

  • Design & preparation of Order of Service ready for print and making arrangements for printing (does not include cost of printing) - £50 per page

  • Availability of our Funeral Director on the day of the funeral – this will normally be the funeral director who originally took your instructions plus another helper (for up to 4 hours)- £200 - additional hours charged at £50 per hour

This is our fee for providing professional services on the day of the funeral. This can include a number of different elements which will vary from funeral to funeral depending on the requirements but may include:


  • Acting as master of ceremonies, directing guests and managing proceedings on the day.

  • Introducing speakers and delivering eulogies on behalf of guests if required.

  • Directing our own bearers and/or instructing and supporting family bearers if required.

  • Arranging and supporting any other funeral related activities required for the day. (e.g. Managing music, arranging chairs and other furniture, help with flowers etc.).

  • Additional bearers - £50 per bearer for up to 4 hours - additional hours charged at £25 per bearer per hour

  • All additional journeys priced at £1.00 per mile

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