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Holly’s Funerals professional fee - £2,250

The professional fee covers our overheads and time only. 
Typically, the total funeral cost could be between £4,200 and £4,500

(please see sample invoice) depending on the options chosen.

This option allows a truly personal and beautiful celebration of life
with generous time allowance and exclusive venue use.
Find out more about
creating beautiful funerals by clicking here.


Ideally suited for people who do not want a traditional church or
crematorium based funeral, 
we have access to a number of
beautiful venues 
in Kent & East Sussex where you can hold both

the funeral service and the "wake" at the same venue.

There are lots of advantages to doing this.

  • It enables plenty of time for an extended and more personal
    funeral service,

  • You often get exclusive use of the venue,

  • It allows for a high level of personalisation & decoration at the venue,

  • It helps overcome the issues of having to move between different venues.

  • It can work out cheaper than an equivalent service at the Crematorium.

Our professional fee covers our overheads and time only and includes everything in the Full Funeral Service.

Click here to view some of the venues available



This type of funeral service is often used hand-in-hand with a Direct Cremation. Click here to find out more about what this means.


These venues can be decorated and personalised to create just the right environment for a spiritual and loving farewell. We think it's the perfect solution for families who want an uplifting, celebratory funeral service followed by light refreshments, a picnic or a sit down meal at the same venue. 

Ratsbury Barn, Tenterden

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