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Myth busting Direct Cremation

When saying goodbye to someone that has been a truly influential and important part of our lives often we have so much to say and so many emotions that a twenty to thirty minute crematorium service simply does not give us the time to celebrate them in the way we wish.

The idea of a direct cremation is often not seen as a personal and flexible alternative to a crematorium service but at Holly’s Funerals, we do things differently. We see a direct cremation as a way of expanding and adding flexibility.

Firstly it is important to know that the service and the cremation can be separated and do not even have to happen in the same location. The service is the ceremonial part of a funeral and does not need to be held at a crematorium, it is where family and friends can gather to share memories of the person who has passed. The cremation is the part of a funeral held at a crematorium and in the case of a direct cremation family and friends are not present.

Having a direct cremation offers you the option to have a service at a location of your choice beforehand. This really can be anywhere you wish. You may hold happy memories of the deceased at a garden, a village hall or even a church and feel like this is the place you would like to say your last goodbyes. These venues may even allow you to decorate with photos of your loved ones and other significant items.

We know achieving a good funeral can help those left behind with the grieving process, and that's why we believe it is important to keep you informed at all stages of the process. Unlike many other providers we allow the family time to spend with them after they have passed, we have a family room that provides warm and comforting surroundings for you to take the time you need. You can be involved in washing and dressing them before the service, which can often be a really helpful step for people processing loss.

Unlike many providers of direct cremations, we let you know the time and location of the cremation. Holly our funeral director is also training to be an end of life Doula, she has an amazing amount of compassion for people and she will be on hand at the cremation offering her support and care to you at this difficult time.

There really is no right way to remember your loved one and whether you choose to opt for direct cremation or a natural burial we will always make you aware of all of your options and do our best to help you create the funeral of your choice that truly represents the person that has passed.

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