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Supporting Home-Led and DIY Funerals

With the cost of funerals increasing year on year, it’s not surprising that many people are choosing to arrange and undertake funerals themselves.

But often, families can be frustrated by a funeral industry that’s not geared (or often just not prepared) to help members of the public directly.

At Holly’s Funerals we are fully prepared to help and support families that want to arrange home-led and DIY funerals. In fact, we’re part of the Home Funeral Network UK, an organisation which offers support, education and guidance for all those involved in arranging a home based, family led funeral.

Some people just want to make the funeral arrangements, some people want to be fully involved in the care and preparation of their loved one before the funeral and some people want to be involved with everything, but with the help and support of a professional.

The support we can offer families may include any of the following areas:

  • Help and advice with making funeral arrangements

  • Transportation of the deceased

  • Care of the deceased either at home or at our own premises

  • Purchase and supply of coffins and other funeral goods

  • Practical help on the day of the funeral

As well as the cost implications, many people want to be in control of the funeral arrangements and the care of their loved ones for more profound reasons.

Sometimes, they feel that this is the final gift that they can offer their friend or family member. Sometimes they have cared for that person in life and want to continue the care after death.

Whatever the reason, we believe that people can really benefit from being involved in the funeral arrangements. Helping with the care of a loved one after death is a final act of love and giving that can really help with letting go and the overall grieving process.

We will help with practical, emotional and spiritual issues, help you overcome any challenges and support you fully throughout the process.

If you would like more information about this topic, or any other funeral related advice, please feel free to contact us without obligation.

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