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Holly's Funerals Tenterden branch

Holly’s Funerals Meeting Room now open in Tenterden

At Holly's Funerals, we're passionate about changing the funeral industry to make it a better experience for everyone. That’s why we’re especially delighted to have opened our brand-new Family Meeting Room in Coombe Lane, Tenterden, just next to The Vine pub.

I have lived in Tenterden all my life, it is my home. When we were looking for premises three years ago, we did our best to find a location in Tenterden, but sadly, due to the nature of what we do, landlords weren’t too keen about us looking after our ‘guests’ in their properties.

Fortunately, we eventually found an open-minded and kind-hearted landlord in Cranbrook who offered us suitable premises at Hartley Dyke Business Centre, just off Swattenden Lane and the A229, Hartley Road. This space is wonderful for our needs, and remains our main site, but it is somewhat tucked away and not that accessible from Tenterden.

Providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for our families is one of our main priorities so when the premises in Coombe Lane became available, we jumped at the chance to have a new Meeting Room in Tenterden.

Now we have a lovely new shop in Tenterden where:

  • People can drop in, have a cuppa and have an informal chat about the funeral options available.

  • Families can come to find out more about us and the services we offer.

  • We can provide a calming environment for people to come and arrange funerals for their loved one.

  • We can begin the huge task of dispelling the many myths of the funeral world,

  • We can hold grief support groups.

  • We can show people our exciting new product, Holly’s Hug Hampers, which are lovely wicker baskets full of comforting high-quality products that people can send bereaved friends and family as an alternative to flowers.

  • We can have healers can offer therapeutic remedies and treatments.

I believe passionately that how death care is approached in our society needs to change.


Because, you cannot merely break a funeral down to just a physical/practical process and deny the entire emotional aspect of it without some negative outcome.

Much, much more needs be done by funeral directors to provide a place for healing to begin for these broken families.

Our small room in Tenterden is a sacred place of compassion, support, healing, love, care and education. As such we are delighted to be offering the space at the weekends, free of charge, to local holistic healing therapists so they can use the space to offer consultations and treatments to support people through the grieving process.

Thank you for reading I look forward to seeing you at our little friendly room in Tenterden.

Holly Clarke

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